Anti-Static - Static Dissipative Phenolic Resin - Melamine surface - Insulation sheet - PCB
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Arboron® Phenolic Resin Anti-Static Dissipative - Electrical Insulation Sheet

Arboron® is factory pressed, melamine-faced, cellulose kraft paper based composite laminate, impregnated with phenolic (pheno) thermosetting resins. Sheet materials are compressed under high pressure and temperature into dense, uniform sheets with good electrical and mechanical properties. Arboron® complies with NEMA LI 1 thickness and flatness standards and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® as industrial laminates under File E194097. Arboron® is manufactured by an ISO 9001-2000 certified company under Card # E96516 (M), dated December 30, 1992. Arboron® is used as an electrical insulation sheet in power distribution applications where dielectric strength, low moisture absorption, chemical resistance and dimensional stability are essential.

Arboron is in compliance to the following Federal specification:
L-P-513C, FEDERAL SPECIFICATION: PLASTIC SHEET AND INSULATION SHEET, ELECTRICAL (LAMINATED, THERMOSETTING, PAPER-BASE, PHENOLIC-RESIN) (19-DEC-1968) [S/S by ASTM-D709]., This specification covers plastic and insulation laminated thermosetting sheet material used primarily for electrical insulating purposes wherein better electrical characteristics are required than can be obtained with phenolic resin cotton base laminates, but with some sacrifice in mechanical strength particularly in regard to impact strength. Laminated thermosetting sheets shall be of the following types, as specified (see 6.1): Type PBE - Insulation sheet (electrical grade); Type PBE-P - Insulation sheet (electrical grade; punching stock); AND Type PBG - Plastic sheet (general purpose grade.

Arboron is not made with polyester resins or reinforced with glass filament. As a high density compressed paper based / phenolic impregnated sheet material with melamine surface, Arboron offers an exceptional anti-static dissipative material with excellent dimensional stability and superior machining capability. PCB (Printed circuit board) producers are assured that their components are protected from heat, static discharge and reduced solder defects, resulting in increased productivity and output.

  • Standard Color: Black, other surface colors available as color coded surfaces for inventory control and field identification of size and thickness
  • Black core only
  • Replacement for Benelex, Durapol, Glastic or other glass filament / polyester resin based products
  • Cashmere / Matte finish
  • Sold in full sheets only, fabrication by others

Features and Benefits

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio (one half the weight of aluminium)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Carbide blade and router fabrication
  • Available sheet sizes: 48" x 96", 60" x 120", and 60" x 144" sheets
    (1219 x 2438mm; 1524 x 3048mm; 1524 x 3657mm)
  • Maximum thickness in one section 1".
    Minimum thickness' 1/16", 1/8"; 1/4"; 1/2"; 5/8"; 3/4" 7/8" and 1"
    (1.588mm; 3.175mm; 6mm; 12.5mm; 16mm; 19mm; 22.23mm and 25mm.
    Pieces may be stacked dry or glued to form thicker composite panels.



  • Electrical control and test panels
  • Switchgear mounting
  • Bus bar insulation
  • Phase barriers
  • Electrical enclosures


  • Drill jigs and fixtures
  • Wave solder pallet material
  • Non-conductive work benches
  • Needle Trade templates
  • Die stock
  • Transportation industry panels
  • Conveyer applications

Arboron ® Technical Data Sheet 


Specific Gravity


86.4 lbs/ft3 (1384kg/m3) 1.39 gm/c3

Rockwell Hardness
ASTM D 785-89

M scale

Tensile Strength
ASTM D 638


22,000 psi (151,865kPa)
16,000 psi (110,316kPa)

Water Absorption
ASTM D 570-63e

1/8'' (3.2 mm)

Flexural Strength
ASTM D 790-86


23,000 psi (158,579kPa)
15,000 psi (103,421kPa)

Thickness Tolerance

in accordance with NEMA standards LI-1 1989

Compressive Strength
ASTM D 695-89


22,700 psi (156,511kPa)
43,600 psi (300,611kPa)

Wrap or Twist Tolerances

in accordance with NEMA standards LI-1 1989

Elastic Modulus
ASTM D 790-89


2,370,000psi (16.3M kPa)
1,780,000psi (12.3 M kPa)

Oil Compatibility Arboron shows no adverse effects on electrical insulating oil/transformer, as per ASTM D3455 test method.

Impact Strength


0.6 ft lbs/in
0.5 ft lbs/in

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS Code Conlam 0036

Bond Strength
ASTM D 229-86


659 psi





Arboron® can easily be fabricated using carbide tipped, standard machine tools for sawing, drilling and tapping, milling, turning and routing.

Relative Thermal Index 95°C
Electrical and Mechanical ASTM D 790

U.L. 94 Flame Classification
Flame spread left <20
Smoke development<70
0.061" (1.6 mm) 94 HB
0.240" (6.1 mm) 94 VO

Arc Resistance (dry) 135 sec
ASTM D 495-89


Dielectric Strength
ASTM D 229, Condition A







(step by step)

(short time)


Parallel to Laminations



1/4" (6.4 mm)

48 kV


1/2" (12.7 mm)

40 kV


1"(25.4 mm)






Perpendicular to Laminations



volts/mil 1/4"(6.4 mm)



1/2"(12.7 mm)



1"(25.4 mm)




Dissipation Factor 1/4" (6.4 mm) 0.0481
ASTM D 150-92

Dielectric Constant 1/4"(6.4 mm) 5.41

Insulation Resistance (C/96/35/90) 500 megohms
Surface Resistance (C/96/35/90 200 megohms
Volume Resistivity (C/96/35/90) 22 megohms
(condition of the three listed above=C96 hr/35 C90% R.H.)

Comparative Track Index (CTI) 600V
High Ampere Arc Ignition (HAI) 200 +
Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) 107 sec

Arboron warrants that, under normal use and service, the material and workmanship of the product shall
conform to the standards set forth on the applicable technical data sheets for a period of twelve (12) months
from the date of sale to the first consumer purchaser.

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